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Photo by Jeff Mischke

Naiilah originally comes from New York where she studied with Elena Lentini, Serena, Stella Grey and Tarik abd el Malik from Morocco’s studio.  Naiilah now resides in Hollywood, Florida. Upon coming to Florida she resumed her dancing studies at Mid Eastern Dance Exchange wtih Tamlyn Dallal, Virginia and Ilsa. She then began studying and dancing with Kahreen & Kira and the Kismet Dancers of Miami from 1998 to 2006. Naiilah has also studied with, many other incredible artists through seminars, and learned a great deal from dancers such as Raquia Hassan, Yousry Sharif, Dahlena, Nourhan Sharif, Mesmera, Shoshanna, Jillina, Fahtiem, Aziz, Zhaleh Fereshtah and Angelika Nemeth to name a few.


Naiilah specializes in Egyptian style choreography. Naiilah performs often as a solo artist in venues such as Kahreen and Kira's Dancer's Nights, Beledi Productions' biannual Festival on the Nile, Joharah International's Halfi and the Atlanta Danse Orientale Society's Egyptian Nights show. She now teaches in Pembroke Pines and is the Director for the troupe Rakisas Helwa, who have performed in various venues in south Florida.


Naiilah is also an accomplished martial artist having achieved the rank of black belt in Oyama Karate, an Okinawan Japanese style based on Kyokushin karate. Naiilah studied in New York City for over 10 years and continued her studies through Shorin-Ryu and Seido (also Okinawan styles) in South Florida.




Naiilah's Résumé


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