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The Roots & Culture Dance Ensemble, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization consisting of children and adult dancers and drummers based in Broward County. Our mission extends beyond the excellent training we provide. We strive to promote an appreciation for African and Caribbean cultures and dismantle barriers of culture and language that often separate people by producing and presenting quality educational and cultural performances that build bridges between different cultures, as well as preserving our rich heritage and dance styles. Our objective is to provide a variety of programs to enrich the lives of youngsters and adults through instruction in dance, music, theater and community outreach. We believe no child or adult should be denied the opportunity to participate in the arts so our classes are affordable and we strive to help everyone, particularly our youth, develop positive self-esteem, confidence, discipline, strength, mutual respect and belief in their abilities, as well as pride in their heritage and culture.

Our repertoire consists of Afro-Caribbean, Reggae, Caribbean and Traditional African music and dance.

Since its inception, Roots & Culture has performed at various functions throughout the South Florida area including weddings, reggae shows, festivals, balls, and Kwanzaa and Black History Month celebrations.





One Love,

Penny P.          Vivien S.



Roots & Culture's Children's Troupe

featured on the cover of the

Florida Sun Sentinel!



Roots & Culture offers African-Caribbean dance classes for adults and children. Currently holding class at Feather's Dance Studio in Davie, FL.










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