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For the new people, here's a little about this site:


I'm a Belly Dance fanatic and I want everyone to join me!  My goal (and mission in life) is to impart as much

information about Middle Eastern dance and convert as many people as possible. This site was created to help

direct anyone who may not know where to start. I hope this site helps anyone who doesn't know where to

begin. You may use the search engine on this page if there is something specific you're looking for.


If you're thinking about taking a class, I hope this information will help your decision. If you're already

practicing, I hope you stick with it and enjoy it as much as I do!


I welcome you if you have found my site. This site is always a work in progress. Every time I thought I was

almost done, there was something else to add and something to make it better, I kept waiting to launch it

because I wanted to add this or fix that, but if I kept waiting it would have been 2057 before I did!  Check

back to see new updates. In the meantime, please enjoy...




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Please contact me for permission.


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